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Setup takes minutes. No engineering required.

Uncover power users

Pinpoint loyal customers and features they love. Insights on power users can drive your roadmap and inspire new features.

Improve retention and engagement

Understand what drives product engagement. Discover how low-level metrics contribute to high-level engagement metrics.

Understand and tackle churn drivers

Reveal the underlying drivers of churn in your product. Be proactive and intervene before customers churn.

Easily monitor the health of product engagement

A fast and simple way to track your core sales metrics. Understand your activation and engagement across users and companies.

Actionable insights on product engagement

Reveal what drives core product metrics like active users, engaged users, and retention rate.

Stay on track with your most important goals

Designed with simplicity in mind. It's easy to dive in and filter, split and analyse data without writing a line of code.
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Set Up Powerful Alerts

Keep your finger on the pulse by building workflows using important events from your data.
Fast Onboarded User
When a user completes onboarding in under X time.
New User
When a new user signs up.
Onboarding Completed
When a user completes onboarding.
New Power User
When a user becomes a qualified as a power user.
No Longer Engaged User
When a user doesn’t complete an event over a certain time period.
Highly Engaged User
When a user triggers a signal more than X times over a specific period.
Fast Power User
When a user becomes a power user in under X time.
Churned Power User
When a user was a power user in the last period but not in the current period.
Onboarding Failed
When a user doesn’t complete onboarding after a certain time period.

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Calliper is a modern business intelligence platform designed for SaaS Operators. Get automatic customer insights and alerts, and make data-informed decisions with ease.