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Onboarding Time


What is Onboarding Time?

Onboarding Time (OT) measures the duration from a new customer's initial sign-up to when their account is fully operational. It includes account setup, training, and any customisation required.

How is Onboarding Time used?

This metric is critical in businesses where rapid value realisation is crucial to customer satisfaction and retention. It's used to refine the onboarding process, identify bottlenecks, and enhance user training. As companies scale, reducing Onboarding Time can significantly improve conversion rates and accelerate revenue growth, especially for consumer-facing businesses.

How to calculate Onboarding Time

Count Onboarding Time

Onboarding Time (OT) is calculated from the moment a new customer signs up until their account is fully operational.

Best Practices

Track milestones within the onboarding sequence, segment users for more personalised insights, and consider qualitative customer feedback alongside Onboarding Time.

Common Misconceptions

A shorter Onboarding Time isn't always better. Too rapid an onboarding can leave users confused with little knowledge of a product. It's not a one-size-fits-all metric; more complex products generally require longer onboarding times, and vice versa.

"A Poor Onboarding experience is hard to come back from and is the fastest way to lose a customer. It's critical to actively think about the entire customer journey. Define It, Map It, Document It."

Paul Philp
Founder and CEO, Amity



What are the main drivers of Onboarding Time?
  • Product complexity
  • Level of product customisation
  • Product tour length (if applicable)

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