Our Mission

Become the mission control centre for 25K teams by 2025.

Why Mission Control?

NASA's Apollo 11 mission to the moon was one of the greatest achievements of mankind in the 20th Century. It was also a feat in cross-functional collaboration. Engineers, scientists, biologists, doctors and physicists all came together to prepare Saturn V for launch into the stratosphere.

On the day of take-off, it was Mission Control that brought all these teams together and acted as a central communication and collaboration channel between all the ground crew and the astronauts. This is why we're excited about Mission Control.

It symbolises the interface between many teams and enables the effective monitoring of critical systems. It is the core operating system that drives the mission forward.

Nasa Mission Control

We know we're not actually putting a man on the moon here, but we do find this metaphor deeply inspiring.

Why We Started

We know building a company is hard.

Things are always changing and breaking. It's hard to keep up team motivation and morale. We kept coming up against these challenges so we wanted to build a product to help every team leverage their data to deliver their most impactful work.

A New Category

Collaborative Analytics

Having the best tech and tools in data means nothing if only 2 people in the organisation can access this data. There are three core pillars to Collaborative Analytics.


Your setup is easy & automated. No matter your data literacy, you always feel comfortable and confident to use Calliper.


You now have one central place to access data from all core tools and communicate across different teams.


You will only see the handful of data points that matter: less is more. You can always explore further to get to the root cause.

Mission Control Product Screenshot
Our Team


We are technical team who are deeply passionate about data, product and people. We love solving tough problems with data and design.

Tony Popov Profile Pic
Tony Popov
Founding Engineer

Physicist and software engineer. Loves building high performance systems. Helped scale products at Revolut, Blockchain.com and his own VC backed PropTech startup.

James Elmore Profile Picture
James Elmore
Co-Founder & COO

Statistician turned data scientist. Delivered data projects for the UK's largest corporates at OC&C. Built out the data team at HG Capital and accelerated their portfolio.

Profile picture of Kosta Kolev
Kostadin Kolev
Co-Founder & CEO

Engineer turned product manager and designer. Over a decade of experience helping startups find PMF. Launched JV's with Fortune 500 companies at BCG DV.

Latest Writings

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Master Your Metrics: Product KPIs & Dashboards

Understanding your key product metrics and effectively tracking them is crucial for monitoring your product’s health and guiding data-informed decisions. In this post, we'll explore the top 5 KPIs you should track on your B2B SaaS product dashboard based on our work guiding data strategy for +100 startups.

Run Better Experiments

Run Better Experiments

From Calliper’s work with +100 startups, we’ve seen first-hand that successful startups experiment aggressively with data. In this post, we’ll explore some useful frameworks to help you run better experiments at a startup.

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If any of this content about our culture has struck a chord and you want to learn more about us, we've written a culture deck you can access below.

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