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Viral Coefficient


What is Viral Coefficient?

Viral Coefficient measures the rate existing customers refer new customers to a product or service.

How is Viral Coefficient used?

This metric assesses the virality of a product by measuring how many new users, on average, an existing user converts. It gives insight into the potential for exponential organic growth to expand a customer base. The metric is useful during growth-focused campaigns to evaluate the compounding effect of referral-based user acquisition.

How to calculate Viral Coefficient

Average # Invites Sent by Each User x Conversion Rate of Each Invite

To calculate Viral Coefficient, multiply the average number of invites sent by each user by the conversion rate of each invite.

Best Practices

Encourage sharing and implement features or incentives that encourage users to invite others. Ultimately, focusing on building a high-quality, valuable product or service is the best way to increase a Viral Coefficient – word-of-mouth is free and very powerful.

Common Misconceptions

A high Viral Coefficient doesn't always equate to high, sustainable growth. Among other factors, it must be complemented by solid unit economics and good customer retention to breed long-term success.

You can’t make anything viral, but you can make something good.

Peter Shankman
Founder, HARO



What are the main drivers of Viral Coefficient?
  • Ease of referral
  • Network effects
  • Referral incentives
How should I break down Viral Coefficient?
  • Acquisition channel
  • Industry vertical
  • Geography

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