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Feature Adoption Rate (FAR)


What is Feature Adoption Rate?

Feature Adoption Rate (FAR) is the percentage of users who have used a feature compared to the total number of users who have access to that feature.

How is Feature Adoption Rate (FAR) used?

This metric provides insights into the perceived value of features; it's essential for guiding product development. FAR indicates engagement levels with new features, evidencing feature viability and user satisfaction. It's especially valuable when launching MVPs to gauge early adopter interaction, following A/B tests to evaluate changes, or when rolling out updates to establish continued user engagement.

How to calculate Feature Adoption Rate (FAR)

# Users that Adopted Feature / Total Number of Users x 100

To calculate the Feature Adoption Rate (FAR), divide the number of users that have adopted the feature by the total number of users who have access to it.

Best Practices

Monitor FAR post-release to gauge initial reception and sustained usage over time. Align FAR data with user feedback to identify points of friction. Segment adoption by user demographics to tailor support and investigate feature resonance across different user groups.

Common Misconceptions

A low FAR doesn't always suggest a feature's lack of value. It may indicate a need for better user onboarding or feature publicity. Conversely, a high FAR does not always suggest a feature is valuable; it may reflect novelty or lack of alternatives.




What are the main drivers of Feature Adoption Rate (FAR)?
  • Feature relevance
  • Feature quality
  • Visibility in product
  • Product knowledge base quality
How should I break down Feature Adoption Rate (FAR)?
  • Cohort
  • Acquisition channel
  • Product
  • Industry vertical
  • Geography
  • Company size

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