Calliper for Marketing

Calliper is a plug-and-play collaborative analytics platform. It's mission control for your start-up. Learn why marketing teams love Calliper.
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Why marketing teams use Calliper

Monitor campaign performance

Get simple and actionable data on your best performing campaigns and easily share them with the team.

Discover traffic and lead drivers

Adopt a more data-driven, iterative marketing approach. Focus on the most effective channels to increase ROI.

Get alerts on marketing events

Craft personalised notifications based on shifts in your core growth metrics and stay on top of your campaigns.

Actionable insights on the metrics that matter

Reveal what drives core growth metrics like conversions, signups, and new visitors.
New Content Traffic
Every time we see traffic to a new blog page
New Campaign Started
Every time there is traffic with new Campaign name.
High Traffic
Every time you receive more than X new visitors in a given day
New Lead
Every time a lead event is triggered.

Keep your finger on the pulse with alerts on important events

Get alerted when ad spend is nearing your budget or traffic through specific channels spikes.

Stay on track with your most important goals

Designed with simplicity in mind. It's easy to dive in and filter, split and analyse data without writing a line of code.
Calliper - Mission Control Overview
Goal Tag
Thu 15 Dec '22

75% of User Trials Goal Completed

You hit 400 new user trials towards your goal of 500. You’re on track with 6 weeks to go until the deadline.

MRR increased by 20% to £59K in September

Churned power user

You are 3% (186) users away from reaching your goal of 10k MAUs


Actionable feed of insights, alerts and goals
on the metrics that matter.

Discover what drives growth across core KPIs, so you can lead with clarity and confidence. Calliper integrates easily with your tool stack and takes minutes to setup. It’s a lot cheaper than a data scientist, too.

Don’t take our word for it.

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are growing faster.

Setting up Calliper was amazingly simple; it took literally minutes. The product is incredibly easy to use and it's so nice to have data from our various different sources all in one place.

Product @ Flexa Careers

I absolutely love it. It keeps telling me things I don’t know…. It tells me things our team would have to sit down for hours to figure out.

CEO @ isosconnect

Calliper's setup was quick, we integrated all our data in minutes. The insights are very handy and ensure we're always in tune with what's happening across our business.

Kat Trefilova
CEO @ That's The One

What you're getting back is insights that I would absolutely not know how to gather from Mixpanel. So they're able to find correlations that I wouldn’t be able to find in a year.

CEO @ Whale

I love it when Calliper brings up something that’s surprising or counterintuitive.

CPO @ Togal

It was really easy to get started and it doesn’t take a lot of time. We found the Slack notifications really useful. The insights we get are really good. Calliper helps us go deeper into the data and find more stuff.

Growth & Revenue @ Raffle AI

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Calliper is a modern business intelligence platform designed for SaaS Operators. Get automatic customer insights and alerts, and make data-informed decisions with ease.
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Learn more about Calliper

Discover more about how to build a data-driven organisation.


An accessible set of dashboards to get everyone on the same page.


Get actionable insights based on your customers.


Craft personalised notifications and alerts based on your data.