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kosta kolev
with Kosta Kolev
CEO of Calliper
with Kosta Kolev
CEO of Calliper
30 minutes
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Who is the data strategy call for?
Any operators working at software start-ups or scale-ups.
Do I need to be data-literate or already have a data strategy?
No, we’re willing to talk with anyone regardless of their data knowledge level. You don’t need to have a data strategy – we often speak with companies that are just starting on their data journey.
How many places are there per month?
We’re pretty busy right now, so we only have capacity for 4 places per month.
How much does the call cost?
It’s completely free – no strings attached.
Do I need to prep for the call?
You don’t need to, but it would be great if you came with an understanding of what your core data challenges and goals are.
What are the qualification criteria?
We’ll check out your company to ensure we’re genuinely able to help you in your data journey. We tend to work mostly with B2B SaaS companies but are open to various demographics.

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What you'll cover

Your current data setup if you have one and any desires around data
Your aspirations and what levelling up your data capabilities will unlock
Personalised advice on how you can hit your goals and overcome data hurdles

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kosta kolev
Kosta Kolev
CEO and Co-Founder @ Calliper
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