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Monthly Active Users (MAUs)


What is Monthly Active Users?

Monthly Active Users (MAUs) tracks the number of unique users who engage with an app or platform within a 30-day window.

How is Monthly Active Users (MAUs) used?

This metric is a critical indicator of the product's value. Unlike simple user counts, MAU reflects ongoing interaction, which is important for gauging longer-term product health. MAUs can signal product adoption, inform retention strategies, and identify spikes or drops in engagement potentially tied to feature releases. It's important for determining monthly customer interactions and is leveraged in cohort analysis to assess user behaviour over time.

How to calculate Monthly Active Users (MAUs)

Count Unique Users Over Past Month

To calculate MAUs, count the unique users who have engaged with your app or platform within a 30-day period.

Best Practices

Analyse MAU trends alongside acquisition channels, user behaviour analytics, and cohort data. It's important to differentiate between short-term spikes and sustainable growth patterns. Use segmentation to understand different user groups and A/B testing to optimise features influencing MAU.

Common Misconceptions

If viewed in isolation, this metric can present a misleading snapshot of growth and mask underlying retention issues or unsustainable scaling. It's important to consider user acquisition costs, product changes, and customer lifecycle as well.




What are the main drivers of Monthly Active Users (MAUs)?
  • User experience (UX)
  • Product quality
  • Onboarding effectiveness
  • Product knowledge base quality
How should I break down Monthly Active Users (MAUs)?
  • Cohort
  • Product
  • Industry vertical
  • Geography
  • Company size

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