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Booked Sales


What is Booked Sales?

Booked Sales is the value (or count) of deals marked as certain wins in your CRM.

How is Sales used?

This metric is essential for tracking and forecasting revenue. It provides a clear picture of the revenue that has been secured, and can help predict cash flow based on the expected payment schedules of the booked deals. It's also used to evaluate the performance of sales teams, individuals, and strategies, indicating how effective they are at closing deals.

How to calculate Booked Sales

Number of Won Deals x Average Sale Amount

To calculate Booked Sales, multiply the number of deals marked as certain wins in your CRM by the average sale amount.

Best Practices

Ensure that all sales are recorded accurately and promptly in your CRM. This helps provide a real-time view of revenue. Clearly define what constitutes a 'Booked Sale' – is it when a deposit is received? Is it when a contract is signed? Also, break down Booked Sales by product, sales regions, customer segments, or sales channels. This can provide deeper insights into performance and trends.

Common Misconceptions

A common mistake is to mistake Booked Sales for revenue, but they aren’t the same thing. Factors like contract cancellations, non-payment, or changes in customer demand can lead to some booked sales not turning into revenue.




What are the main drivers of Sales?
  • Sales team/owner effectiveness
  • Market demand
  • Product pricing
How should I break down Sales?
  • Product
  • Sales owner
  • Acquisition channel
  • Industry vertical
  • Geography
  • Company size

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