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Average Sales Cycle (ASC)


What is Average Sales Cycle?

Average Sales Cycle (ASC) measures the average time from deal creation to deal close for won deals.

How is Average Sales Cycle (ASC) used?

Tracking this metric allows sales teams to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement in their sales process. By identifying stages where deals take longer to progress, teams can work to shorten their sales cycle. ASC is useful for forecasting sales and revenue. Lower values of this metric typically reflect more sales efficiency and pipeline effectiveness.

How to calculate Average Sales Cycle (ASC)

Sum of Individual Sales Cycle Lengths / Total # Deals Closed

To calculate the Average Sales Cycle (ASC), add up the lengths of the individual sales cycles for each deal closed in a given period, then divide this total by the number of deals closed. For example, if you closed three deals with sales cycles of 30, 45, and 60 days, your ASC would be (30+45+60) / 3 = 45 days.

Best Practices

To reduce ASC, focus on effectively scoring leads. Prioritising leads that fit your ICP and are more likely to convert can reduce time wasted on unsuitable leads. Try to simplify and streamline the sales process by removing unnecessary steps, automating manual tasks, and making full use of a CRM.

Common Misconceptions

While a shorter sales cycle is generally favourable, it's not always the best indicator of sales health, especially if it leads to rushed sales or poor customer fit. Note that sales cycles vary greatly across different industries and products; what's normal in one area may be unusual in another.




What are the main drivers of Average Sales Cycle (ASC)?
  • Lead quality
  • Sales team efficiency
  • Typical customer size
How should I break down Average Sales Cycle (ASC)?
  • Pipeline stage
  • Sales owner
  • Acquisition channel
  • Industry vertical
  • Company size

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