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Quota Attainment


What is Quota Attainment?

Quota Attainment measures the percentage of sales quota achieved by a sales representative or team over a period.

How is Quota Attainment used?

This metric indicates performance against targets, focusing on actual revenue or units sold compared to goals. It's applied to incentivise sales teams and evaluate individual and team performance. It can guide decisions on resource allocation, training needs, and optimising sales processes.

How to calculate Quota Attainment

Actual Sales / Sales Quota x 100

Quota Attainment is calculated by dividing your Actual Sales by your Sales Quota and then multiplying by 100.

Best Practices

Ensure that sales quotas are challenging yet achievable and aligned with market potential and company goals. Provide regular training and support to the sales team to help them meet their quotas. Also, managers should regularly monitor performance and provide constructive feedback, along with necessary resources and support.

Common Misconceptions

While high quota attainment is generally favourable, consistently exceeding quotas by a large margin might indicate that quotas are set too low. Also, low quota attainment may not equal low performance; it can be due to unrealistic quota setting or market factors beyond the control of your sales team.




What are the main drivers of Quota Attainment?
  • Market demand
  • Sales team/rep effectiveness
  • Product pricing
How should I break down Quota Attainment?
  • Sales owner
  • Product

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