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What is Leads?

Leads represent potential customers that have demonstrated interest in your offerings through engagement like form submissions, content downloads, or event sign-ups.

How is Leads used?

The quality, and not just the quantity, of leads is important – high quality leads align with your target customer profile and have a high chance of converting to customers. Leads serves as an early indicator of your sales pipeline and is useful for gauging market interest in your product. Understanding lead quality and conversion rates is crucial for optimising marketing strategies and sales processes. They help assess lead-gen tactics like content marketing, paid ads, and outbound prospecting.

How to calculate Leads

Count Leads

Simply count the number of potential customers that have shown interest in your offerings. This can be through actions like form submissions, content downloads, or event sign-ups.

Best Practices

Qualify leads and segment by potential value or readiness to buy. Nurture leads using tailored content designed to guide them through your sales funnel. Use lead scoring systems to prioritise sales efforts on high-intent leads.

Common Misconceptions

Having many leads doesn't necessarily mean they will convert to customers. It's important to focus on lead quality rather than just quantity. A massive influx of low-intent leads can overburden a sales team and inflate acquisition costs.




What are the main drivers of Leads?
  • Content marketing
  • Paids ads
  • Outbound prospecting
  • Organic traffic
  • Word-of-mouth
How should I break down Leads?
  • Acquisition channel
  • Acquisition source/medium
  • Acquisition campaign
  • Website page
  • Country
  • Device

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