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Engaged Sessions (ES)


What is Engaged Sessions?

Engaged Sessions (ES) measures the number of sessions that include a meaningful interaction with content on a website.

How is Engaged Sessions (ES) used?

This metric often reflects user interest in a website by capturing the depth of engagement rather than just entry. It's crucial for assessing content effectiveness, gaining insights into user experience, and optimising conversion rates. ES helps in identifying which content resonates with the audience and which aspects of the website are driving meaningful engagement.

How to calculate Engaged Sessions (ES)

Count Engaged Sessions

To calculate Engaged Sessions (ES), simply count the number of sessions on your website where users have meaningful interactions with your content.

Best Practices

Defining what constitutes engagement for your specific website is key – for example, time spent, pages visited, or specific interactions. Break down engaged sessions by traffic source, user demographics, or behaviour to understand which segments are most engaged. Engaged Sessions should be used alongside other metrics like Bounce Rate and Conversion Rate for a more comprehensive insight.

Common Misconceptions

Longer sessions are often seen as better, but this isn't always the case. Users might be spending more time due to poor navigation or confusing content. Engagement metrics vary significantly depending on the type of website and its audience. What counts as high engagement on an e-commerce site might be different for a media site.




What are the main drivers of Engaged Sessions (ES)?
  • Content quality
  • Content relevance
  • Website intuitiveness
How should I break down Engaged Sessions (ES)?
  • Acquisition channel
  • Acquisition source/medium
  • Acquisition campaign
  • Country
  • Device

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