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Lost Deals


What is Lost Deals?

Lost Deals is the number of deals marked as certain losses in your CRM.

How is Lost Deals used?

Lost Deals is most helpful when combined with the reasons that prospects didn't buy. By analysing the patterns of Lost Deals and reasons, sales teams can assess the performance of different reps, channels, or products.

How to calculate Lost Deals

Count Lost Deals

Simply count the number of Lost Deals over a period.

Best Practices

Lost Deals can easily waste sales resources. To decrease Lost Deals, enhance your lead qualification process to ensure that the sales team is focusing on leads with a higher probability of conversion. Use scoring models to prioritise leads based on their likelihood to close.

Common Misconceptions

While a high number of Lost Deals can be concerning, it doesn't always reflect poor sales performance. It could also indicate a highly active sales funnel or poor product-market fit. The context and reasons behind the Lost Deals are important for accurate interpretation.




What are the main drivers of Lost Deals?
  • Product-market fit
  • Lead qualification
  • Sales team effectiveness and efficiency
  • Product pricing
How should I break down Lost Deals?
  • Sales owner
  • Product
  • Acquisition channel
  • Industry vertical
  • Geography
  • Company size

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