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Sales Win Rate


What is Sales Win Rate?

Sales Win Rate represents the percentage of closed deals that are won.

How is Sales Win Rate used?

This metric gauges your efficiency in converting leads at the top of your sales funnel into customers. It's a great indicator of alignment between product offerings and market demand. A high Win Rate may signal that a product's features, pricing, and quality align with what target customers seek. It also helps in understanding the effectiveness of sales strategies, tactics, or different team member approaches.

How to calculate Sales Win Rate

Number of Won Deals / Number of Closed Deals

To calculate Sales Win Rate, divide the number of won deals by the number of closed deals.

Best Practices

Break down Win Rates by individual sales reps or customer segments to identify and benchmark top performers and customer segments. This helps in understanding the effectiveness of different sales strategies, tactics, or approaches employed by different team members.

Common Misconceptions

A high Win Rate isn't necessarily all positive. A very high Win Rate may indicate that you're not ambitious enough in target markets or that sales efforts are too conservative. Also, a low Win Rate may not signal poor sales execution; it could reflect poor product-market fit.




What are the main drivers of Sales Win Rate?
  • Sales team/owner effectiveness
  • Market demand
  • Product-market fit
  • Product pricing
How should I break down Sales Win Rate?
  • Product
  • Sales owner
  • Acquisition channel
  • Industry vertical
  • Geography
  • Company size

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