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Average Session Duration (ASD)


What is Average Session Duration?

Average Session Duration (ASD) measures the typical length of a user session on an application or website.

How is Average Session Duration (ASD) used?

This metric provides insight into user engagement and the overall quality of your website content. ASD can reflect onboarding success, product complexity, and user interface intuitiveness. Higher average session durations generally indicate more engaged users. It's important for optimising onboarding flows, improving feature adoption, and tailoring content strategies to enhance overall user experience.

How to calculate Average Session Duration (ASD)

Total Duration of all Sessions / # Sessions

To calculate ASD, divide the total duration of all sessions by the number of sessions. For instance, if users spent a total of 500 minutes on your website across 100 sessions, your ASD would be 500 minutes / 100 sessions = 5 minutes per session.

Best Practices

To increase ASD, ensure that your website’s navigation is intuitive and straightforward allowing users to find what they need quickly. Consider adding search functionality that helps users find the content they seek. Improving page load speed, simplifying content, and optimising for mobile can unlock increases in ASD. Make sure to analyse ASD alongside bounce rates and event completions to contextualise user behaviour.

Common Misconceptions

A longer ASD is not universally positive, as it may indicate user confusion or inefficient processes. Likewise, a shorter ASD can be misinterpreted as poor engagement without considering session objectives, like quick completion of a task or easy navigation.




What are the main drivers of Average Session Duration (ASD)?
  • Website intuitiveness
  • Content quality
  • Content relevance
How should I break down Average Session Duration (ASD)?
  • Acquisition channel
  • Acquisition source/medium
  • Acquisition campaign
  • Country
  • Device

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