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Organic Search Traffic


What is Organic Search Traffic?

Organic Search Traffic refers to website visitors that arrive through unpaid search engine results.

How is Organic Search Traffic used?

This metric indicates the relevance of content to search engine inputs and the quality relative to similar results. High organic traffic generally suggests effective content strategy and SEO.Use cases of this metric include SEO performance assessment, content strategy refinement, and understanding customer search behaviour. You can pinpoint which topics and keywords are driving traffic and align your marketing efforts accordingly. It's also essential for forecasting growth.

How to calculate Organic Search Traffic

Count Organic Traffic

To calculate Organic Search Traffic, count the number of visitors that arrive at your website through unpaid search engine results.

Best Practices

Segment by landing page to identify high-performing content, and track conversions to evaluate traffic quality. Regularly update content to maintain rankings, focusing on high-converting keywords and topics, and monitor algorithm changes to adapt accordingly. Make sure to optimise for mobile, as it's a significant ranking factor.

Common Misconceptions

Don't equate high OST with high quality traffic; quantity does not imply a qualified or conversion-ready audience without considering behavioural metrics. A smaller volume of highly targeted traffic can be more valuable than large volumes of unqualified visitors.




What are the main drivers of Organic Search Traffic?
  • Content quality
  • Content relevance
  • SEO effectiveness
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Word-of-mouth
How should I break down Organic Search Traffic?
  • Website page
  • Geography
  • Device

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