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What is MRR Won?

MRR Won is the total of all positive contributions to MRR, including new customer subscriptions, expansion MRR, and re-activations.

How is MRR Won used?

This metric provides a comprehensive view of positive growth in MRR. It's helpful to check how effective sales, marketing, and customer success efforts are in acquiring new customers and expanding business with existing ones. Also, it measures the success of customer re-engagement and the reactivation of churned customers.

How to calculate MRR Won

New Customer MRR + Expansion MRR + Re-Activation MRR

To calculate MRR Won, add together the following components: New Customer MRR (monthly recurring revenue from new subscriptions), Expansion MRR (additional revenue from existing customers upgrading their plans), and Re-Activation MRR (revenue regained from previously churned customers who have reactivated their subscriptions).

Best Practices

Analyse Won MRR by different customer segments to identify the most lucrative channels and strategies. Focus on strategies that not only acquire new customers but also encourage existing customers to expand their usage. Also, develop targeted engagement and reactivation campaigns to win back churned customers.

Common Misconceptions

A common mistake is to overlook expansion and re-activation. While new customer acquisitions are important, focusing on them can lead to missing significant growth opportunities. Also, the ROI in spending resources on expansion and re-activation is generally higher than the ROI in acquiring new customers.




What are the main drivers of MRR Won?
  • New customers
  • Expansion
How should I break down MRR Won?
  • Industry vertical
  • Geography
  • Company size
  • Product
  • Acquisition channel
  • Acquisition source/medium
  • Usage patterns

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