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Average Resolution Time (ART)


What is Average Resolution Time?

Average Resolution Time (ART) measures the time from when a customer support request is received until the issue is resolved.

How is Average Resolution Time (ART) used?

The metric captures the efficiency and effectiveness of a support team in addressing queries, which is important as support quality directly impacts customer retention. It's also important for spotting bottlenecks in the resolution process. Companies use this metric to streamline their support workflows, provide training where necessary, and implement better tools or processes to enhance the customer experience.

How to calculate Average Resolution Time (ART)

Total Time to Resolve Issues / Total Number of Resolved Issues

To calculate ART, divide the Total Time to Resolve Issues by the Total Number of Resolved Issues. This provides the average duration taken to resolve a customer support request from the time it's received until it's resolved. This calculation gives you an insight into the efficiency of your support team in handling customer queries.

Best Practices

To decrease ART, train your support employees on product knowledge, problem-solving skills, and customer support etiquette. Develop and maintain a knowledge base that employees can quickly refer to for information. Also, use a ticketing system that categorises and prioritises issues and consider automating routine tasks. Note that ART can vary greatly by query type – one may relate to a forgotten password and another an engineering-intensive bug.

Common Misconceptions

ART should not be viewed alone, as focusing only on speed can ruin resolution quality. Shorter ART doesn't always reflect better service; the complexity of issues should be considered when comparing ART across different teams or periods. Avoid incentivising teams purely based on ART, as this can decrease resolution quality.




What are the main drivers of Average Resolution Time (ART)?
  • Customer query complexity
  • Customer support training and efficiency
How should I break down Average Resolution Time (ART)?
  • Customer success team member
  • Query type
  • Product
  • Company size
  • Geography

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