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Re-activation MRR


What is Re-activation MRR?

Re-Activation MRR is MRR gained from customers that resume a paid subscription after having cancelled.

How is Re-activation MRR used?

This metric highlights the effectiveness of your re-engagement and win-back strategies to regain lost customers. It also allows you to spot customers without a recurring use-case for your product. Through experimenting, you can understand what motivates these customers to return.

How to calculate Re-activation MRR

Average Reactivation MRR x Number of Reactivating Customers

To calculate Re-activation MRR, multiply the Average Reactivation MRR by the Number of Reactivating Customers.

Best Practices

Develop targeted campaigns with personalised offers or messages to attract former customers. Understand why customers initially cancelled their subscriptions to address these issues in re-engagement efforts. Also, use feedback from reactivated customers to improve the product or service and prevent future churn.

Common Misconceptions

A misconception is that reactivation is a one-time effort; it is not. Winning back customers requires ongoing engagement and continuous improvement of the customer experience.




What are the main drivers of Re-activation MRR?
  • Ease of reactivation
  • Product updates
  • Special offers
How should I break down Re-activation MRR?
  • Industry vertical
  • Geography
  • Company size
  • Product
  • Acquisition channel
  • Acquisition source/medium

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