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Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)


What is Marketing Qualified Leads?

MQLs are leads deemed more likely to become customers compared to other leads based on pre-set criteria. This criteria takes into account engagement levels and specific behaviours that align with your target customer profile.

How is Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) used?

MQLs are crucial for gauging how effective marketing campaigns are in attracting potential customers that meet engagement thresholds. Using this metric can help you to allocate resources efficiently, nurture leads towards sales-readiness, and refine your targeting to improve conversions.

How to calculate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)

Count MQLs

To calculate MQLs, identify leads that meet your pre-set criteria indicating a higher likelihood of becoming customers, then count them.

Best Practices

Refine MQL criteria to align with evolving product-market fit and buyer persona. Use lead scoring and foster collaboration between marketing and sales teams to ensure MQLs accurately signal purchase intent.

Common Misconceptions

Don't "set and forget" MQL criteria. Regularly refine lead scores to reflect evolving customer profiles and market dynamics. This can help to minimise wasted sales efforts.




What are the main drivers of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)?
  • Content marketing
  • Paids ads
  • Organic traffic
  • Word-of-mouth
How should I break down Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)?
  • Acquisition channel
  • Acquisition source/medium
  • Acquisition campaign
  • Country
  • Industry

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