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Engagement Rate (ER)


What is Engagement Rate?

Engagement Rate (ER) is the percentage of Sessions that were Engaged Sessions – it is the inverse of bounce rate. Typically, it measures engagement through a series of predefined behaviours like frequency and duration of usage.

How is Engagement Rate (ER) used?

This metric gauges content resonance and effectiveness of communication strategies by indicating whether visitors are engaging with your content or exiting immediately. It's especially useful during A/B testing to discern what resonates most with users.

How to calculate Engagement Rate (ER)

Engaged Sessions / Total Number of Sessions

To calculate Engagement Rate, divide the number of Engaged Sessions by the Total Number of Sessions. For instance, if your website had 1000 total sessions and 200 of these were engaged (interacting, spending time, etc.), your Engagement Rate would be 200/1000, which equals 20%.

Best Practices

Engagement can mean different things for different platforms or campaigns. Clearly define what constitutes engagement for your specific context—be it likes, shares, comments, time spent, or specific interactions.

Common Misconceptions

One misconception is that a high Engagement Rate equates to positive engagement. This is not necessarily true; it's important to consider the sentiment behind the interactions, which could be negative.




What are the main drivers of Engagement Rate (ER)?
  • User experience (UX)
  • Product quality
  • Onboarding effectiveness
  • Product knowledge base quality
How should I break down Engagement Rate (ER)?
  • Acquisition channel
  • Campaign
  • Website page
  • Acquisition source/medium
  • Country
  • Device

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