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Break-Even Point


What is Break-Even Point?

The Break-Even Point is the number of units sold required to make total costs and total revenue equal, indicating no net loss or gain.

How is Break-Even Point (BEP) used?

This metric is important for determining the sustainability threshold of subscription models or new product features and is often used to assess the viability of business models. It helps forecast when a business or product will be profitable. BEP helps to understand the sales volume needed at a given price to cover ongoing operational costs. It's often discussed when assessing product launches, market expansions, and during fundraising.

How to calculate Break-Even Point (BEP)

Fixed Costs / (Unit Selling Price - Variable Costs per Unit)

To calculate BEP, divide your fixed costs by the difference between your unit selling price and the variable costs per unit. It's a simple formula: Fixed Costs / (Unit Selling Price - Variable Costs per Unit). This calculation reveals the number of units you need to sell at a given price to cover all your costs, showing the point where your business neither makes a profit nor a loss.

Best Practices

To reduce the time to the BEP, scrutinise all business expenses and cut unnecessary costs. Focus on higher-margin products and customer segments with the greatest LTV:CAC. Try to drive up-sells and cross-sells to maximise ARPC and explore new revenue streams through new products, services, or market segments.

Common Misconceptions

A common error is confusing being cash flow positive with BEP. While related, BEP focuses on costs versus revenues, not cash in hand. Misjudging BEP often occurs due to unrealistic sales projections and underestimating CAC or variable costs that increase with scale.




What are the main drivers of Break-Even Point (BEP)?
  • Revenue
  • Fixed costs
  • Variable costs

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