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Investor Match

Find investors for your startup in minutes.
From Pre-Seed to Series A and beyond.

Why use Investor Match?

Build a startup funding pipeline

Stop wasting time searching through databases for investors. Find the top 100 best-suited investors to lead your next round. Our algorithm connects you to investors across all stages: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A and beyond.
Investor Profiles
Exportable Matches
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How it works?

Automatically score investors on 6 criteria

Lead Rate
Sector Fit
Ticket Size Fit
Track Record
Stage Fit
Region Fit

Tell us about your company, what stage you're at and your fundraising goals.


Algorithm finds the top VC investors across 6 match criteria.


View, shortlist and export your top investors.


Share Investor Match with another founder and unlock a list of follow-on investors and angels.


Who is Investor Match for?

Investor Match is for startups seeking venture capital or angel funding across multiple stages from Pre-Seed to Series A and beyond. It’s not useful for companies seeking to raise funding via debt, grants, or corporates.

How does 'Investor Match' select the best investors for my startup?

We use an algorithm to analyse +30K investor profiles across multiple stages from Pre-Seed to Series A and beyond. It considers startup funding factors like industry, region, stage, and ticket size. The app then provides you with a list of 100 matches, ranked from best to worst fit.

What information do I need to provide to get my investor matches?

To find investors, you need to provide basic details about your startup like sector, stage, location, and fundraising goals.

How much does it cost to find investors for my startup?

We know it can be tough fundraising out there. Investor Match is free forever.

Can I export my list of investor matches?

Yes, you can export your top 100 matches as a CSV, so you can use the data however you’d like.

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