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Calliper is a next-gen analytics platform for fast growing startups.
Connect your customer data in minutes.
No engineering required.

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Receive meaningful insights.

Make data-driven decisions.

Radar is a virtual data scientist that connects to your SaaS tools. It provides insights and alerts across the customer lifecycle from acquisition to retention.

Example Calliper InsightExample Calliper InsightExample Calliper InsightCalliper - Radar InsightCalliper - Radar ReviewCalliper - Radar Insight

The fastest-growing startups are data-driven.

They leverage analytics to track progress, experiment ruthlessly, and optimise resource allocation. Calliper is built to be:


Calliper discovers what drives growth across your core customer KPIs, so you can grow with clarity and confidence.


Cross-functional by design, Calliper breaks down silos and unifies data from different teams.

Fast & Intuitive

Built to deliver insights quickly, regardless of your technical background. Filter, export, and drill-down with a few clicks.
Mission Control

Your full company overview in one tab.

No more messy, out of date spreadsheets and clunky dashboards.

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Get alerted on the events that matter to you

Best-in class templates for fast-growing startups available straight out of the box.

Close Date Overdue
Every time a deal’s due date passes
New Content Traffic
Every time blog page traffic spikes
New Customer
Every time a new customer subscribes
New Power User
Every time a user becomes a power user
Customer Downgrade
Every time a customer downgrades
New Campaign Started
Every time there is traffic with new Campaign name
Onboarding Completed
Every time a user completes onboarding.
Deal Enters Stage
Every time a deal enters a specific stage in the pipeline.
New Lead
Every time a lead event is triggered.
Churn After 1 Month
Every time a new customer churns before completing their 2nd billing cycle
Fast Power User
Every time a user becomes a power user in under X time
Churned Power User
Every time a user was a power user in the last period but not the current period
Fast Expansion
Every time a new customer upgrades before completing their 2nd billing cycle
Deal Closing Soon
Every time a deal is X days away from it’s due date
High Traffic
Every time you receive more than X new visitors in a given day
Rotting Deal
Every time a deal has no activity for more than X days.
New Top 10 Customer
Every time a customer becomes a new Top 10 account in terms of MRR.
Highly Engaged User
Every time a user triggers a signal more than X times over a specific period.

Bring together all your data sources in minutes, not months.

Connect your tools, connect your teams. Do it yourself without having to distract your engineering team.
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Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are growing faster.

Setting up Calliper was amazingly simple; it took literally minutes. The product is incredibly easy to use and it's so nice to have data from our various different sources all in one place. The slack app is awesome especially when it delivers standout custom insights from our data that we might not otherwise notice.

Dr. Ailish McLaughlin
Dr. Ailish McLaughlin
Product Manager @ Flexa Careers

Calliper's setup was quick, we integrated all our data in minutes. The product is easy to use and, as a Founder, having access to everything in a single place saves me a lot of time and hassle. The insights are very handy and ensure we're always in tune with what's happening across our business.

Kat Trefilova
CEO @ That's The One

It was super simple to set up Calliper, only took 5 minutes. Now I get alerts on autopilot I don't have to check my analytics so often.

Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor
Co-Founder @ VexPower
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